Building Surveying Services
Structural Surveys


Langmead Associates can provide “full building surveys” – previously known as structural surveys – on residential properties across Oxfordshire, both houses and flats, old or new. Please get in touch for more information.

Building Surveys include:

  • A detailed description and report on the design, construction, and condition of the property
  • Sensible and realistic advice on the cause and effect of cracking and movement, dampness, rot, and other structural problems
  • Advice on any specialist investigations required
  • A summary of any urgent repairs and/or maintenance work needed comment on the feasibility of alteration/extension (if required)
  • A brief schedule of work for repairs/upgrading (if required)

We are often asked to provide further advice, following the initial survey, particularly concerning alterations and extensions. If this is of interest, please let us know when confirming instructions in order that we can properly consider your ideas and advise on feasibility, likely costs, and planning requirements


We can provide building surveys for commercial properties including shops, offices, factories, and warehouses. If you are considering the purchase of a leasehold property you will need to know the obligations and liabilities imposed by the lease including the cost of those liabilities.

​Commercial Property Surveys include:

  • Advice on dilapidation issues in relation to Leasehold covenants, the nature of those covenants, and the cost of compliance
  • The design, construction, and condition of the premises
  • The need for improvement and repair
  • Preparation of schedules for Dilapidations
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